High CRI Paint Inspection Lighting


Capabilities and some of types of lights provided by Custom Spectra Lighting

Distribution warehouse



Customer using four T8 4,100K CCT, 4 foot long each. Existing fixture was using 128 watts.  Maintenance on tubes and ballasts was eating up time, wasting energy and creating hazardous waste. Picture above is before installation.

New LED Stick Lighting Installed


Nearly 475 8' foot LED stick lights were installed, which replaced 1,900 4' T8 tubes.  Ballasts were abandoned and eliminates maintenance. The brighter and whiter lights gives a cleaner appearance as well as energy efficient. Picture above is after installation.

Cost Savings


Custom Spectra Lighting worked with local utility provider to obtain the rebate.  Customer saved 1/3 of initial product cost by letting us do the paperwork. A reduction in over over 50% in wattage use hourly, gives the customer an return of investment in 13 months.

Showroow adds daylight LED


Granite counter top manufacturing facility had inadequate lighting for customers to see product. Maintenance of existing T8 and T12 florescent lighting was too frequent and not efficient.


Replace double 8' T8 florescent lighting with a single daylight led @ 6,500K CCT LED stick. 44 watt stick vs ineffective 118 watt fixture is cost effective and saves nearly 2/3 of the electricity. These new lighting fixtures allows the customer to see what it is buying.

Cleaner & Brighter Increases Sales

Not only did the electric bill go down, but the show room and manufacturing facility appeared cleaner and brighter.  This allowed for customers to see the actual color and beauty of the granite.