About Us

Our Values

Custom Spectra Lighting's core vales are honesty and integrity.

Experience Counts

OEM Automotive, Food Processing, Oil and Gas, Steel, Mining and Aggregates, Freight Distribution Centers. We have seen a lot!

High Bays

All applications are different.  Let Custom Spectra Lighting determine what the rating and listings you need to have a long lasting application.

Office Panels

Sleek in an industrial or office setting.  Panels are available in multiple wattage, varying Color Temperatures, 0-10 VDC dim capabilities. This picture is in a flash off tunnel in between coats of paint

Making a Differnence

This mechanics pit shows the outside the box thinking that you can utilize.  Working with your local utility provider, CSL can get you qualified for rebates


Rapid manufacturing and stocking in Indiana assures that we have what you need.  If it a special, we can do that too.